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The Motability Scheme

1st Step Mobility is a Motability supplier so you lease your scooter or powered wheelchair. The Motability Scheme enables people to exchange either their Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Enhanced Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or their War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement to obtain a Motability powered wheelchair or Motability scooter of your choice.  Contact us today on 01708 746644 for full details, email us on or visit for the latest information.

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We are very proud that we have achieved an award from Motability for our outstanding work in 2017 within London,  Essex and the South East of  England. This award represents all our hard work and dedication that we have put into every job that we do, making sure that every customer, be it Motability or not, is happy with the top class work that we provide.

 Choose what’s best for you

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With over 200 products to choose from, ranging from small, boot scooters to large, road legal (Class 3) scooters and powered wheelchairs, you can be sure to find the right one for you. Part of your allowance will then be paid directly to Motability Operations every four weeks, in exchange for your scooter or powered wheelchair. And most of the models available cost less than your four weekly higher rate mobility allowance, which means you get some money back!

How do I get started?

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We will carry out a free home visit to make sure that any product you are considering will be suitable for your needs and there is sufficient area to store and recharge it. You are welcome to visit our showrooms if you would like to view a larger number of products in one place. Simply give us a call on 01708 746644 or email us on and we’ll do whatever we can to help!

Are you eligible?Motability logo 2

If you receive the ‘higher’ rate of disability living allowance, the ‘enhanced’ Personal Independence or a War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement you can use part of it to get a Scooter or Power Wheelchair that suits your needs.

Types of Motability Scooters

Maxer Lifestyle 1A Mobility scooter, rather than a Powered wheelchair, is probably the right choice if you can travel relatively independently, get on and off the scooter on your own, and are able to use a bicycle style steering column/tiller. Mobility scooters fall into 3 main categories. Portable, mid-range and 8 mph larger, deluxe scooters. We offer free home assessments and demonstrations to ensure the most suitable scooter is provided.


Types of Motability powered wheelchairs

S-888WNLS SenaA Powerchair/Powered wheelchair, rather than a scooter, may be a more suitable product for you if you need to stay in your wheelchair throughout the day, have restricted mobility in one or both hands, require mobility assistance around the home or are unable to transfer on and off a seat easily.


All this is included for your peace of mind:

  • A new scooter or powered wheelchair every three years
  • Standard pricing nationwide
  • 24/7 365 days breakdown home recovery service
  • Fully comprehensive insurance cover
  • All Servicing, maintenance and repairs
  • All tyre and battery replacements
  • A dedicated UK Based Customer Service team


Motability – The Perfect Package                                                                                                              

With Motability, not only do you get the Powered Wheelchair or Scooter of your choice, you get all the support and help you need.

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