7 Facts You Need to Know Before You Start Shopping for Stairlifts in London

A man about to sit down on his stairlift

As a supplier of quality stairlifts in London, 1st Step Mobility know just how important the equipment is to our customers, and how vital it is that they make the right choice for themselves and their home. When choosing something like a stairlift, it pays to be completely informed before you make any decisions, which is why we thought we’d share some important facts to help you along your way.

1. For those on a budget, it’s possible to purchase second hand or refurbished stairlifts for a lower price, though these will have shorter warranties and may require more maintenance than newer models.

2. It is also possible to rent stairlifts if you are only in need of them for a short time, such as after a fall or operation.

3. Curved stairlifts are unique to each staircase and are made on a bespoke basis, meaning they are much more expensive than standard straight stairlifts.

4. There are certain models of stairlifts that are weatherproof and can be safely installed outside.

5. A straight stairlift can normally take half a day to install. The custom nature of curved stairlifts means that the rails take a couple of weeks to be made, and can take up to a day to install in your home.

6. You do not need to worry about damage to walls when having a stairlift installed, as the rail is fitted to the tread of the stairs.

7. If you have a permanent condition or illness, or you’re over the age of 65, you will not have to pay VAT when purchasing a stairlift.

If you’re looking for somewhere that sells and installs stairlifts in London, the 1st Step Mobility is the right choice! We provide a range of stairlifts to suit every need, as well as an extended warranty to give you that extra peace of mind. Contact us today to arrange a home visit by telephoning 0208 551 7260 or emailing info@1ststepmobility.com.

Why Choose a Portable Mobility Scooter?

A red and black travel scooter is a popular product for those searching for mobility equipment in Essex.

As a supplier of quality mobility equipment in Essex, 1st Step Mobility often find the general public asking us to point them in the right direction when it comes to choosing mobility aids and equipment – we have plenty of experience, after all, and want to make sure that our customers get something that will improve their quality of life. So, just why might a portable scooter be the right choice for you?


Portable scooters may also known as remote scooters, folding scooters, lightweight scooters, travel scooters, or even boot scooter – but don’t worry, they’re generally used interchangeably and usually amount to the same thing.

As would be expected, a portable scooter is easy to transport, whether that is in the boot of a car, or public transport. It is much less cumbersome to carry around than usual mobility scooters and are great for holidays or those who need to use them round the shops.

Some simply fold, while others can be dismantled into separate pieces. Folding scooters are quicker to transport, but travel ones can fit into even smaller spaces, so which one will suit you best depends on your needs. They can be folded or (dis-)assembled within a matter of seconds or minutes, depending on variances between models.

The lightweight and compact nature also makes them easy to store, which can be a godsend for those who find space at a premium and may not be able to fit a full-sized mobility scooter into their home.

Some models or portable scooters also come with a removable battery, meaning that the battery can be changed anywhere there is a power outlet, whilst the scooter itself is safely stowed away in a cupboard or car boot, making it easier to charge and at a lower risk of theft.


Visit 1st Step Mobility today to browse our diverse collection of mobility equipment in Essex and even test them out for yourself. You can also browse our collection online, or organise a home visit for us to showcase our products to you – simply call 01708 746 644 or email  info@1ststepmobility.com to arrange a convenient time.

How Home Nursing Equipment Can Increase Your Confidence Around The Home

A metal bed rail is part of our home nursing equipment.

Many people come to 1st Step Mobility for home nursing equipment, secure in the knowledge that we offer quality products at reasonable prices. After being in business for over ten years, we’ve come to understand just how much our customers cherish independence and confidence, which is why we’re honoured to provide a way for people to find these again with the help of our products. So, just how can nursing equipment help you feel more comfortable in your home?



Some find it difficult to safely lower themselves to the height or regular toilet seats, but the addition of frames or toilet seat raisers can make this worry a thing of the past, and ensure relieving yourself is an actual relief and not cause for worry! Bath lifts and shower chairs also reduce the risk of falls, meaning you can use them in confidence so you can always look and feel your best.


The Bedroom

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as struggling to get out of bed, which is why grab rails and bed handles are so popular amongst our customers. Our rise and recline chairs will also aid you in getting to your feet, leaving you with no fear of ending up “stuck” in a chair for hours.


The Car

Manoeuvring in and out of a car can be difficult with mobility issues, so we stock a number of products (such as revolving seats and detachable handles) to make this transition as easy and safe as possible, so you can confidently leave your house without having to worry about the possibility of pain or injury.


In Between

Our range of walkers and mobility aids can help anyone unsteady on their feet traverse their homes more safely and reduce the risk of falls. We also stock a variety of bags, trolleys, and caddies to allow those with limited grip to easily transport objects around as needed.


1st Step Mobility offer first class home nursing equipment to those in London, Essex and Kent. Why not visit your local branch, or contact us for more information today?

Rise Recline Chairs

Sherborne Chair Guide

Sherborne is one of the biggest manufacture of rise and recline chairs and beds within the UK, with over 90 years of tradition furniture manufacturing which is why they offer a 5 year guarantee insuring that you get 60 months of stress free comfortable usage from a reliable rise and recline chair.

All of the chairs are available in  four sizers Petite, Small, Standard and Royal and have a weight capacity of 25 stone provide most users with an idea comfortable chair without the need of purchasing an expensive made to measure model (please contact us for measurements). Also all the chairs are available in a wide selection of fabrics including leather.

We also provide a free local demonstration, if you live closely to one of our shops, give us a call for more details.

Single Motor
These chairs are well known for being very easy to use due to their control unit, which consists of only two buttons. The recline button will raise the leg area and the backrest will recline. The second button (the raise button) will, as the name suggests, raise the chair so that it’s easier for the user to get out of it.

Dual Motor
Dual motor rise and recline chairs are controlled by 5 buttons on the hand unit. The difference between these two chairs is that on the dual motor model, one of the motors operates the backrest and recline function, while the second motor controls the raising of the footrest and the lifting of the chair to a standing position.


This Albany style provide a comfortable seat with its three pillow waterfall style back and padded soft pillow arms.


The Ashford’s full width ‘chaise’ seating seating provides great comfort cross the full back of the chair. The Ashford is also available in scrolled arms as well as wooden knuckles in dark beech or light oak.


This beautiful contoured shape is designed for exceptional comfort, with soft stylish arms, welcoming fibre-filled back cushion and full-widths ‘chaise’ seating.


The Lynton button back chair provides excellent comfort and support for the user. The arms can be scrolled or even wooden knuckles in dark beech or  light oak


The Sherborne Malvern chair offers a full width ‘chaise’ seating with soft fibre-filled back for excellent support, along with attractive scroll arms.


The stylish, inviting back designed is complemented by soft, sweeping ‘pillow’ arms and full-width ‘chaise’ seating.




1st Step Mobility London

1st Step Mobility

Did you know that 1stStep Mobility is the biggest Motability supplier within London! This means that we don’t only provide our fantastic customer service within Essex and Kent but cover the London as well.

1stStep Mobility in partnership with the Motability scheme allows people to exchange some or all of their mobility allowance to lease a mobility scooter or powerchair. To go onto the scheme is really simple, Just give us a call and arrange a no obligation home demonstration where one of our advisers will go through all of your options and help you pick which  product is best for you. Our number to book your demonstration is 0208 880 7361

For more information about the scheme please visit www.motability.com

Stannah Stairlift – Dagenham

1st Step Mobility have fitted this straight Stannah stairlift in an apartment within Dagenham.  Contact your local 1st Step Mobility store to book in your free home assessment  to go over the options available to you and your apartment.


2019 Catalogue! Out Now

Our New 56 pages 2019 Catalogue is packed full of mobility products and daily living aid. Why not order your copy today or visit your local 1st Step Mobility shop today.

How To Keep Your Stairlift in Top Condition

Stairlifts in London at the bottom of stairs.

1st Step Mobility are often the first place people turn to when looking for quality stairlifts in London, meaning we’re no stranger to maintaining them! A stairlift is an important tool and investment for many, and as such it’s natural that you want to keep it in good working order for as long as possible. By adding just a little extra to your routine (or having someone trusted help you) you can ensure that it will carry on running for years to come! Just remember to do the following:

Keep it Clean

When it comes to stairlifts, a dirty rail is a dangerous rail; dusting is essential to prevent build-up which could stop your stairlift from running smoothly, and can even lead to falls.

You should run a damp cloth over the chair and rails about once a week, ensuring that it is first parked at the bottom of the stairs and switched off. Do not use harsh cleaning agents that are meant for bathroom or kitchen use as these could damage your stairlift and alter the friction on the rails and rollers. If in doubt, check your user manual to see what kinds of cleansers can be used on your equipment, if any.

Maintain It

Stairlifts in London don’t require much maintenance but there are a few things you can do to contribute to its upkeep! An important thing is to keep it properly charged – some people may find themselves having trouble with their stairlifts, only to find out later that the problem all along was a simple lack of charge!

The rail is a key component of your stairlift, so it’s something you want to check regularly for problems. Keep it free from obstructions (such as wires) and ensure that it is lubricated every few months. You can do this yourself so long as you make sure not to apply too much lubricant (which can make things slippery!), or you may choose to leave this to the professionals. Speaking of which…

Call In The Professionals

Stairlifts should be serviced once a year by a trained professional to keep them in safe working order, but you should also keep an eye out for any problems that may require fixing. This should be covered under your warranty for the first one or two years when you purchase a new stairlift, but you can also purchase extra warranty cover for additional peace of mind.

If you’re shopping for stairlifts in London or perhaps are looking professional help with its maintenance then 1st Step Mobility are here to help: call our London store on 0208 551 7260 or email info@1ststepmobility.com.

70% Wait Over Three Months For NHS Wheelchair

A wheelchair outside a house, as supplied by 1st Step Mobility wheelchair suppliers

As trusted wheelchair suppliers in the South East of England, 1st Step Mobility know a lot about the needs of our customers and like to keep informed about figures in the industry and healthcare sector. Something that we felt important to share with our customers is the long wait times that NHS patients are seeing for wheelchairs, which runs not just into weeks but often into months!

There are 1.2 million wheelchair users in UK, 2/3rd’s of which are regular users, meaning that there’s a big demand for the equipment. NHS wheelchairs are simply loaned to those who need it, not given, which actually works at an advantage for some because the NHS remains responsible for any maintenance and repairs that the chair needs.

However, this comes with its own set of drawbacks, the main one being the time it takes for a suitable wheelchair to be provided. As something that will be sat in for long periods of time, it’s important that wheelchairs are correct for their users; aside from general discomfort, Ill-fitting chairs can cause pressure sores very quickly, which in turn lead to pain and inconvenience as well as cost to NHS (you wouldn’t expect it, but the worst cases can cost the equivalent of 16 hip replacements to treat!).

The NHS has a target of 18 weeks for its wheelchair waiting list, but but 70% of those who need one end up waiting over three months for suitable equipment, 30% for 6 months and 15% for over a year! With many put off by such long wait times, more and more people are opting to use NHS vouchers to purchase their own mobility aids from wheelchair suppliers like 1st Step Mobility.

Purchasing equipment privately may not be the correct choice for everyone, but it’s certainly one that is gaining more popularity as more people find their needs not met by NHS chairs, and prefer to take matters into their own hands to see that they regain both comfort and mobility.

If you’re finding the wait for NHS equipment unbearable and are looking for wheelchair suppliers who can offer you a quality wheelchair to suit your needs and lifestyle, look no further than 1st Step Mobility. Browse our site for more information, visit our stores in London, Essex, and Kent, or get in touch with us by phone or email – we’re happy to help you find what you need!

Motability Handover Dagenham

Mrs Harrison who lives in Dagenham is another Motability customer how has just received her TGA Breeze S4 which has had a hard top and canvas sides added. Mrs Harrison will have this scooter for three years under the scheme. Are you interested in joining the scheme or in the Breeze S4 then give your local 1st Step Mobility Shop a call.