Mix of Deliveries

A mix of deliveries today, An invacare Leo (a 4mph pavement scooter), a Invacare powerchair and a Pride GoGo Plus.

Boot Scooters

We have the full range of mobility boot scooters available in all of our shops. We stock all the leading brands from Pride to TGA so visit your local shop and have a look today or give us a call and book a free home demo today!

Curved Stairlift

Our highly trained stairlift engineers are getting this curved stairlift ready to be installed this afternoon. Every curved stairlift rail is individually made for each staircase as each and every staircase is different and take a couple of week to be produced.  If you are interested the please contact us for a free home assessment.

NHS Supplier

We are a approved NHS Supplier of home care equipment. With weekly deliveries going to both King George Hospital and Queens Hospital handing over needed equipment to the Occupational Therapists to give to patients to help around the home or for rehabilitation reasons. If required we will also go out to patients homes and install the equipment to help with the transition between hospital and home.


Mobility Security Pack

Keeping your mobility product safe and secure is important when you are not using it. Ideally you would have a garage or a shed to lock your product away but if you don’t then the answer is a security pack which features a heavy duty chain, padlock and then a wall or floor fixing to lock it up to. Simply run the chain around the product somewhere where is can’t get pulled off and lock it up. An addition storage cover will then protect your product from the elements and inquisitive eyes. Give us a call for more details today!



Negotiating Kerbs Safely

Please take care when going up and down kerbs. This is best done straight on as it may damage the steering and suspension also it is safer as you do have better control of the product. If you do damage your suspension it could be very expensive.

Brooks Straight Stairlifts

Two brook straight stairlifts have been delivered this afternoon, One is to be fitted next week and the other one could be yours! Why not book your free home assement today and  this straight stairlift could be installed in under a week.

Large Selection of Wheelchairs

All of our shops have a large selection of both transit and self propel wheelchairs in stock for your to try and take away today. for more information call or visit your nearest shop today!

Check Your Tyres

With the weather starting to turn, please take extra care when out and about on your mobility product. One of the main point the check for is your tyres. Just like a car the tyres need to have good grip and the correct pressure to ensure that you can stop and control your product run the bad weather. If you think your tyres need replacing then please contact us for a quote! Don’t forget that we can supply solid and pneumatic tyres for most mobility products.]

Shoprider Traverso

The original mobility car, The Shoprider Traverso is packed full of features which make driving this mobility scooter feel just like a car.  With a hard top and solid doors which will protect you from the elements, and when it is raining just simply turn on the window wiper  to move the water out of the way, if the screen ever gets dirty use the window spray to help clear it. If you are after full protection when out and about then this is the scooter for you. Call your local shop for more details today.