New Dallas DX Mobility Scooter

New from Roma Medical is the Dallas DX boot scooter. This scooter is packed full of features which normally only come with bigger and more expensive scooters. The Larger solid wheels provide a higher ground clearance allowing it to take on more then  other boots scooters. Fitted with delta handles which make controlling and and using the wigwag easier. One of the major parts which make this scooter stands out from others is that it have light fitted as standard.  All this and it cheaper then most of the other boot scooter son the market.

New Invacare Comet Ultra

New in and just finished being built is this Invacare UK Comet Ultra, which is waiting for a Motability Scheme customer. This class 3 6mph mobility scooter has a maximum weight capacity of 35 stone and has special features such as a reinforced seat column, adjustable suspension and a larger seat with pneumatic adjustable lumber support. For more information and to book your test drive contact us today!

Heavy Duty Transit Wheelchair

Heavy Duty Transit Wheelchair

Are you after a heavy duty transit wheelchair, then we have the answer for you?

This chair which has had many design features to allow it to take up to 32 stone, such as the double cross brace, dual axles and larger footplates. The seat material is made from a heavy duty nylon that will last as long as the chair itself.

Brakes are also a feature which normally does not appear on larger wheelchair but this comes with lockable loop brake so the user does not need to bend down to put them on.

Transferring to and from is also not an issue as the arms are detachable allowing for side transfer to and from.

Depth = 71cm/28inch
Width = 70cm/27.5inch
Height = 94cm/37inch
Seat Height = 51cm/20inch
Seat Depth = 45cm/18inch
Width Between Arms = 56cm/22inch
Seat To Footrest = 40-45cm/16-18inch
Weight Of Product = 20kg/44lbs
Maximum User Weight = 204kgs/450lbs

Buying a Mobility Scooter-What You Need to Know

The humble wheelchair has come a long way over the years, which can mean that choosing a mobility scooter is a daunting task. However, here at 1st Step Mobility successful mobility services Essex, we will make sure you choose the right scooter for you. Getting a mobility scooter has been proven to improve social participation and a person’s life satisfaction, as people are able to regain their independence. To help you make an informed decision, we have put together a list of the top three things to consider before buying a scooter.

Mobility scooters vary in length, width and height, so it is important to consider how big the scooter needs to be so that you can sit comfortably, as someone who is petite may not feel comfortable on a larger scooter. Size also affects where you will be likely to use a scooter. Small (Class 2) scooters can go on pavements, and some can be dismantled so that they can be put in a car boot. However, larger (Class 3) scooters are better for outdoor use.  The smaller the scooter is the easier it is to use indoors, to store and to transport. The ‘turning radius’ of the scooter is also related to size. The ‘turning radius’ determines the amount of space the scooter needs to turn around, so a small scooter with a small radius will be easier to use indoors.  

Once you have decided which size of scooter will be best for you, it is important to consider the weight that it will have to carry. Not only should you think about your physical attributes such as your own weight, but what you will need to carry on the scooter, such as oxygen tanks or shopping bags. Most scooters come with a maximum weight capacity, so be careful to choose one that is stable enough to carry what you need. If you are unsure, here at 1st Step Mobility successful mobility services Essex, we can provide free home demonstrations and assessments to help you make the right decision.    

Before purchasing a mobility scooter, it is important to find out if you are eligible for Motability. The Motability Scheme enables people with disabilities to exchange their mobility allowance for a scooter in an affordable and hassle-free way. If you are concerned about purchasing a scooter then this could be a great solution for you. Not only will you receive help to enable you to choose the perfect scooter, you will also receive all the help and support that you need after making your purchase so to ensure that your scooter is safe to use and properly maintained.

For many people mobility scooters are a way to regain freedom and independence, so it is vital to choose the right one.  Here at 1st Step Mobility successful mobility services Essex, we will ensure that you receive the right information and support, not only to choose a scooter, but also once you have purchased one. Why not give us a call today on 01708 746644 or send an email to and see how we can help.    

Batteries – Not Get The Distance

Many things effect the distance and performance of your mobility product batteries such as bad or short charging, cold weather and not ushering then enough.

If you think that your not getting the distance from your mobility product or its running slow then why not book yourself in for a battery drop test. We will then produce a graphy which shows how effective they are, we will then advise according!

Give your local 1st Step Mobility shop a call today and book your product in today.

Mobility Scooters – Safety Over The Winter

This time of years all road and pavement users need to take extra care when traveling due to difficult surface conditions, especially for scooter and powerchair user.

If the road and pavement conditions are partially bad such as snow, ice and flooding then it is advisable to limit your travel to essential journeys only because your mobility product has not been design to be used in these conditions and could be very dangerous due to the limited grip.

Make yourself Seen

Many road legal mobility products, have lights fitted as standard so please ensure that you have these on so that other road and pavement users can see you. If you do have a pavement scooter which doesn’t have light fitted but you are using it at night then maybe try fitting push bike lights to make yourself visible. One of the best items to help you to be seen is a high visible jacket which will also keep you warm in the cold weather.

Know where you’re going

When traveling around (especially at night) it is best to use routes which you know so that you can concentrate on what is going on around you instead of the route itself. In bad weather, you will then know all the lumps and dumps which could make your product skid or slide so that you can take the most appropriate action to make sure you have a safe journey.

Busy Road And Pavements

During December, the road and pavements will be full of people traveling around and not really looking out for mobility scooter and powerchair. If you are on the road and it is busy then why not pull up onto the pavement and drive at 4mph where you will be a lot safer.  If you are in a built-up area then it might even be advisable to travel slower then 4mph to make sure that you don’t cause any accidents with pedestrians who are distractive for whatever reason.

Useful Contacts

If you do need to go out when the weather is bad then please make sure that you phone is completely charged and keep a list of emergency numbers just in case you need assistance.

FreeRider Delivery

We have just received a delivery of four mobility scooters from FreeRider. Three Mayfairs are 4mph pavements scooters and the Kensington is a class 3 road legal mobility scooter. If you are interested then give you local shop a call today for a free home demo.

Matching Rise and recline chairs and Sofa

Are you after a rise and recline chair to help you within the home but want it to match the rest of the furniture then have a look are our Sherborne range of chairs. You can get a two or three seater sofa made to match in the same style and fabric as they rise and recliner. Contact its for more information.

Security Pack

We have just finished installing this security pack for a mobility scooter in dagenham, If you would like the same or moire details there contact your local shop.


Service on Site

It is good to get your product serviced annually to keep it in good running order. You don’t need to bring it to us as we will come out to you and can even service it onsite.