Perched Stairlift

A another Stairlift install by 1st Step Mobility. The seat on this is a little different as its a perched seat – which allows someone to use the lift in an almost upright position which is idea for someone who can’t bend their legs. If you are interested or would like a free home assessment then give us a call today on 01708 746644!

Mobility Scooters in London


When using a mobility scooter in busy city areas, there are a number of components that a customer should always consider. Comfort, safety and efficiency are aspects we take into consideration when designing all our vehicles. This is so you not only feel at ease when driving, but more importantly safe.

Why 1st Step Mobility?

If you desire a scooter that is both city friendly that puts your safety first, then 1st Step Mobility is here to help. In 2017 we were thrilled to be awarded a Motability dealership of the year title. This accreditation highlights our dedication to customer safety and comfort. 

Our scooters are inspected and tested to the highest industry standards. We work in unison with London  County Council and the DVLA to make sure our scooters fit the pinnacle of road safety. 

Scooters in London

For a scooter to be considered worthy of road use in London it must be both robust and economical. A top speed of 8mph is required, as well as providing an effective braking system.

Our 8mph range not only takes into consideration your mobility needs, but also adheres to all DVLA requirements. We believe that when using your scooter in London your safety should not be put at risk. That is why our range of fiberglass cabin models provide protection from weather and if needed, other road users. 

The Shopride Traveso

Here at 1st Step Mobility we understand that a busy city can sometimes be daunting to navigate.

Our Shopride Traveso can be used both on the road and on pavements. The slim design allows for swift access in even the tightest of spaces and can even be controlled with one hand if the operator finds using the joystick strenuous at any point.

We take the wellbeing and comfort of our customers very seriously. The all round suspension and lockable doors allows for both comfort and safety regardless of how long the journey. It’s 75a battery size provides both power and contributes to 0 carbon emissions, ideal for a busy congested city.  

Contact Information

If you require a scooter that is both DVLA approved that puts your safety when traveling first, then please feel free to contact us on 0208 551 7260. Alternatively, email us at and we will reply as soon as we can.

Installation of Stairlift in Hornchurch

Today stairlift was installed in Hornchurch but it required a bit of work before installation could happen. We arranged for a radiator to be move to allow room for the carriage to sit at the bottom of the stairs & the top newel post had to also be move to allow better access at the top of the stairs. When you get a stairlift from 1st Step mobility we will deal with of the stress of arranged all this so you only have to make one call to 01708 746644!

What Mobility Equipment should I use in London?


Navigating through the busy streets of London can be difficult at the best of times, this can be made more difficult by using mobility equipment.

Perhaps the biggest problem with using mobility equipment in London is the lack of pavement space available, especially in the rush hour crush. This being said, it is essential to pick a model that is easy to manoeuvre and navigate through busy streets.

Things to consider 

The idea of mobility equipment is to make things easier and comfortable for the user, so it is essential to know exactly what you want from your equipment. Is it that you want to collapse it with ease? Or is it that you want an extensive battery life? Our smart mobility solutions ensure that you don’t have to compromise comfort in order to get practicality. 

Speed can be an issue when using mobility equipment in London. Powered wheelchairs and electric scooters must not travel faster than 4 mph (6 km/h) on pavements or in pedestrian areas. This means the speed of your scooter should not be your primary concern when buying mobility equipment in a city environment.

What do we Recommend? 

TGA Minimo Autfold

The TGA Minimo Autfold is one of the best solutions we have to offer. 

This mobility scooter will automatically fold itself. By pressing the button on the side of the handlebars and applying pressure onto the foot pedal this will allow the scooter to open and close with ease. 

Alongside its automatic folding system this scooter boasts a 10 mile battery range on a 4 speed system, it’s ergonomic design means the only thing you should have to focus on is the direction you’re heading.

Whill Model C

The Whill Model C power chair offers the perfect solution to navigation issues that you may face in London. 

The front wheels have a unique omni-wheel design which allows the wheel to spin on the spot without changing the direction of the wheel, the benefit of this is that your feet will no longer get caught up within the caster wheels like other models. This design allows the Whill to have a turning circle of just 76cm.

One of the many other additional benefits of this chair is that it is fully adjustable, from the height of the seat and arms to the width of the seat and the angle of the back support which ensures you can achieve the most comfortable position available

Perhaps the best feature of this equipment is that it can come apart into three sections for transportation or storage and features which is a great feature to have in London, especially if there is a need to regularly transport it.  Once again its ultra-lightweight Lithium battery gives this chair an impressive 10 mile range.

Additionally, the model C can also be controlled remotely by a smartphone through the use of an app. This feature is ideal for a carer to safely assist with the operating of the chair for any rider who may need it.

Mobility Equipment in London 

To conclude, when buying equipment to use in central London there are 3 main things you need from your mobility equipment;

A powerful battery – Nothing is worse than the thought of breaking down with no way of getting yourself home, Therefore it is essential that you have a high power lithium battery that is guaranteed to get you home.

Size – Striking a perfect balance between being comfortable and practical can be difficult, negotiating busy streets can not be done efficiently if your mobility equipment takes up a large proportion of the pavement.

Storability – No one wants to have a piece of equipment that is going to take up more room than it needs to when in storage. Therefore An easy to use collapse mechanism and an ability to be tucked away are key.

The products discussed above are what we recommend but in the end it falls down to what you want from your mobility equipment. If its practicality in a busy environment then these are some of the best solutions we have to offer. 

If you have any questions or queries, please do get in touch with our friendly team. Call us on 0208 304 1992; we are always ready and waiting to support you where we can.

Busy Stairlift Department

Our Stairlift department was very busy yesterday, with 3 breakdown callouts and two stairlift installation done in a day.

The benefit of having a hinged rail it that when the seat goes up the stairs the rail will lift up   out of the way to provide better access to other people when travelling around the property.

If you are interested in getting a stairlift then have a look at what we can offer or give us a call and book in a free home assessment today!

Click here to see our range of stairlifts

Stannah Straight Stairlift Installed In Romford RM1

Brooks Straight Stairlift With Hinged Rail Installed in Brentwood

Seek Peek – Pride Ranger

Today we have had the chance to have a seek peek at Pride mobility newest mobility scooter which is going to be available on the market very soon!  The Ranger has been designed to be the ultimate mobility scooter to be able to tackle off-road condition.

The Ranger features which make it idea for nought tracks is the enhanced front and rear suspension, a very high ground clearance, chunky grip tyres and even a reversing sensor. Fitted with 75amp batteries you will not need to worry about distance. Contact 1st Step  Mobility to pre book you’re free home demo today.

And best of all it is even available on the Motability Scheme

Your Local Motability Dealer

Are you currently thinking of joining the scheme or are you already on the scheme but are not getting the service which you believe you should be getting then why not look at 1stStep Mobility.

We are one of the biggest suppliers of both mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs (powerchairs) within Essex, London, Kent & Hertfordshire. As a established independent retailer which has been going for over 12 years, we have a great knowledge of the products available but what is most important is we also know what is the most reliable and the companies which provide part the quickest ensuring that we can get your product back up and running again after an incident.

Why Go Local!

Being a local Motability dealer allows us to respond to events quicker because our shops are just around the comer, unlike a national wide company which may take up to a week to get out to you! And in the event of your product not being able to be repaired on site then we will provide you with a loaner product until your is repaired and returned back to you.

An additional benefit of being local is if you do have any questions or concerns about your product then you can give us a call as our phone lines are local numbers or event just pop in and visit us and talk to one of our many friendly advisers who will help with any of your questions or concerns!


If you do have any questions or would like to join 1stStep Mobility on the scheme then simply give us a call on 01708 746644 or visit your local store today.

Rental Stairlift

Mr Roach from Romford in Essex is very happy with his rental stairlift which we have just installed for him. 1stStep Mobility can supply a rental straight stairlift for most straight staircases often within 48 hours within London, Essex, Hertfordshire & Kent.

With an installation fee of just £350 which includes the installation and removal fee, all which is remain to do is to pay £40 a month for the rental.

Why not contact your local 1stStep Mobility for more details or to book your free home assessment.


Stair Lift Rental – Straight

Straight Stairlift – Hinged Rail

Our stairlift department has been busy today! They have just finished installing this straight brooks stairlift which has a hinged rail.

Why have a hinged rail?
Within all properties safety is key so the ability to install a stairlift can be prevented by an obstacle such as a doorway so a hinged rail is used to lift the rail up to prevent a tipping hazard for other home users!

Hinged Rail!

Outdoor Stairlift

Our engineers at 1st Step Mobility have installed this outdoor Stannah stairlift today! This stairlift have been designed by Stannah to provide the same accessibility to a set of stairs outside as for a set indoors, with extra care taken to ensure reliability in all weather conditions.

Contact your local 1st Step Mobility shop today to book your FREE home assessment today!

Outdoor stairlift Rial