No Fuss, No Installation Home Nursing Equipment

As an experienced UK supplier of home nursing equipment, we know that certain adaptations to your home to fulfil accessibility needs can be disruptive and costly, and that many prefer to opt for easier solutions that require no installation in order to be used. With this in mind, we’ve decided to highlight some of our no installation necessary equipment, so that you can see just how assistance you can get without needing to plan around fitting appointments!


Walking Aids

Whether you need a little extra help whilst out and about, or just even around the home, we have a range of home nursing equipment including walkers, sticks, crutches and rollers to fit every need. We even offer an option that allows you to carry items as you walk!


Bathing Assistance

Bathing can be an ordeal for those with balance and mobility issues, which is why we stock a number of solutions for you to choose from that can be instantly added to your bathroom, with no installation required. Some of our most popular items include shower chairs and stools, which lower the risk of slips and falls in the shower, as well as our bath step, which makes entering and exiting baths just that little bit easier (they’re also stackable!).


Comfort Aids

Our catalogue offers a variety of supportive cushions and pillows that can be used for sitting on, resting on, or propping you up, depending on your needs. We also stock a whole host of other products designed to ease pain and provide comfort, including joint supports, foot warmers, arthritis gloves, dressing aids, and much more.


Toilet Frames

These frames are a great help for anyone needing extra height or assistance when using the toilet, with the frame allowing for easier sitting and standing. The metal frame can be adjusted to fit any toilet without the need for tools, meaning it can be easily set up immediately upon arrival.

If you or a loved one is in need of home nursing equipment from a trusted supplier, then 1st Step Mobility have plenty of options for you to pick from! You can visit our showroom and receive expert care and advice from our teams, or can instead opt for completely free, no-obligation home visits, where we can assess your needs and perform product demonstrations for you. To find out more, ring us today at 01708 746 644 or send an email to, and we’ll do all we can to answer any of your questions.

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