Power Chairs

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Power Chairs

Power Chairs or powered wheelchairs are designed for people who can’t use a mobility scooter due to limited movement. The person normally stays in the chair for longer periods of time so it is designed to be more comfortable. They are controlled but a joy stick which can be mounted either on the left or right hand side and some come with the ability to rise or help the user to be in an upright positions. With the user relying more on the power chair they are more moveable with some even being able to spin on the spot. Some chairs can even be customised so out is controlled by an attendant walking behind the product.

Portable Powerchairs

Portable powerchairs / powered wheelchairs come in a range of different styles, some comes apart into sections and others fold up for transportation or storage. This range of mobility products are often used by people with some mobility as you need to get in and out so that it can then be folded or taken apart for transportation or storage.

kymco-k-chair-but   vienna-small-button-new   go-chair-but      Roma Reno powerchair at 1st step Mobility    I-GO powerchair at 1st 1st step Mobility Titan Lte powerchair at 1st Step Mobility

Indoor Powerchairs

Indoor Powerchairs / powered wheelchairs are often very manoeuvrable  and are mid wheel drive so can turn upon themselves which is great when moving around indoors. These small products start to have some additional features which appear more on the bigger products such as a chair riser.

jazzy-but   Shoprider Sena powerchair at 1st Step Mobility

Indoor / Outdoor Powerchairs

If you are after a powerchair but would like it to have the ability to use it indoors and out then this mid range collection of product are ideal for you. Fitted with large mid wheel drive motors which allow good manoeuvrable indoors but are still capable of taken on the challenges when driven outdoors. This range often has bigger and more comfortable seatting fitted as the user spends a lot of time in them. Some of these models will allow adaptations  for individual clients needs.

malaga-small-button   shoprider-lugano-small-button   Pronto M41 powerchair at 1st Step Mobility       Pronto M61 powerchair at 1st Step Mobility quantum-q4-but   q6-but

Outdoor Powerchairs

Outdoor powerchairs / powered wheelchairs provide great comfort and usability for poeple that require to use it for long periods of time. Many of these powerchairs can be customer built for a client needs with features such as, leg raisers, seat tilt and seat raiser and even a  full light package.

kymco-k-activ-but   tdx-sp2-but   fusion-but   aspen-but 

Reconditioned Scooters / Powerchairs


We have a selection of reconditioned scooters and powerchairs available within the shops so please give us a call or pop in and have a look. We also sell a selection online as well shop have a look at our eBay listing.


At 1st Step Mobility we know what it’s like to use scooters and power chairs in all weather conditions, so we have selected a range of products which will help protect you and your scooter / powerchairs come rain for shine. From lightweight to heavy duty items we have finely picked the best products for you.

main-selection-ass-but5Security pack at 1st Step Mobility main-selection-ass-but2main-selection-ass-but

Aftersales and Servicing

With over 50 years of experience of working on mobility scooters and stairlifts, we are confident that once you’ve bought a product or service from 1st Step Mobility, you will never need to look elsewhere again. We have a comprehensive back up service from our manufacturer-trained team of in-house and field service technicians.

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Why should I purchase my scooter from 1st Step Mobility?

  • 1st Step Mobility has been providing mobility products for a long time.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff
  • We stock a good range of scooters from the leading UK brands.
  • Full aftersales service
  • Fast and free delivery on selected items
  • No obligation home demonstration

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