Rise & Recliner Chairs


1st Step Mobility is a leading supplier of Rise and Recline chairs. We offer a choice of chairs from a range of suppliers including Pride Mobility, Sherborne Upholstery and Rise and Recline ltd. Our Rise and Recline chairs are easy to use, quiet and smooth, and are available with single or dual motors (explained below).

A rise and recline chair offers great assistance in getting in and out of the chair and could provide relief for people with arthritis, breathing difficulties, circulation problems, back pain, and those at risk from pressure sores. They are operated by a handset that allows the user to recline the back rest and raise the footrest to find the most comfortable position. They also elevate to an upright position and recline back into a seated position.

All of our chairs come with a large option of fabrics and colours and some models are also available in leather, if preferred. Different backrest styles are available to blend in as best as possible with existing furniture and individual choices.

We have a large range of chairs on display and we also offer a free home demonstration service, as we understand it is not always possible or convenient to visit one of our showrooms.

Most of our rise and recline chairs are available to order very quickly, some if not in stock can be delivered within 48 hours. We offer free home delivery with all our chairs and also remove old armchairs if no longer required.

1st Step Mobility offer a tailor made service if required. These chairs can be built to order normally within 2 weeks to a client’s exacting specification. This includes our bariatric range of chairs which suit clients up to a 40 stone weight capacity.

All the chairs have a maximum user weight of 25 stone (158.7kg).

Single Motor

pic 43

These chairs only have 2 simple to push buttons on the hand control unit making them very easy to use. The recline button will raise the leg section and when fully up, the backrest will move into a reclined position. The raise button will retract the legrest and backrest (if they are in the recline position) and then continue to a raised position to make it easy for the client to get out of the chair by taking most of the strain and effort from standing up from a chair. These chairs normally have a ‘wall hugger’ mechanism allowing the chair to be positioned very close to a wall and yet still operate to a fully reclined position.


 Dual Motor

lynton-std-lift-rise-recliner-pg8-erThese chairs normally have 5 simple to push buttons on the hand control unit. The benefit over the single motor chairs is that 1 motor operates the backrest / recline function and the 2nd motor operates the raising of the footplate and the lifting of the whole chair to a standing position. This will enable the user to have fully independent seating positions with the backrest reclined at any angle and the footplate raised at any angle.



Pride Rise and Recline Chairs


Sherborne Rise and Recline Chairs

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