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Mobility Scooters are available in 3 or 4 wheel versions. 3 wheel mobility scooters provide great manoeuvrability whilst 4 wheel mobility scooters are the most popular choice offering extra stability and a better driving experience. At 1st Step mobility we also offer FREE home demonstrations and FREE Local deliveries within London, Essex and Kent. Please give us a call today to book an appointment.

Mobility Scooters Come in 3 Main Categories

  • Portable / Folding Mobility Scooters
  • Mid-range 4 mph Mobility Scooters
  • Deluxe 6 / 8 mph Mobility Scooters

Are you unsure of what is the right category for you and what scooter you are looking for then why not take our little questionnaire which will guide you in the right direction.

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Portable / Folding Mobility Scooters

These scooters are designed to be as lightweight as possible so they can be dismantled / folded quickly and easily for convenient loading into the boot of a car for shopping trips, days out and travel.etc. There is now a large choice available, some with a maximum weight capacity up to 23.5 stone, and some with full suspension for a more comfortable ride. The scooters are generally quite compact with small wheels and a range of up to 10 – 13 miles. These are an excellent alternative to a client being pushed in a wheelchair, giving them much more independence and freedom.

main-selection-scooters2   main-selection-scooters3   main-selection-scooters4   main-selection-scooters5   main-selection-scooters   main-selection-scooters6   Apex lite mobility scooter    Smarti mobility scooter   Zest Plus mobility scooter    Dallas DX mobility scooter    TGA Minimo mobility scooter    Pride Quest mobility scooter    

Mid-range 4 mph Scooters

These scooters have a maximum speed of 4 mph making them a class 2 scooter in the DVLA categories. They have decent size batteries, which offer a maximum range of generally approximately 15 – 25 miles. Most scooters in this category have maximum weight capacities of 21 – 25 stone. All have bigger wheels, which means offering better ground clearance than the portable models. and more possibilities. Front and rear lights are standard with some models having indicators and brake lights. This is the most popular category of scooter as they are easy to drive, comfortable, big enough to do most journeys, and small enough to go shopping with.

main-selection-scooters-midi2   main-selection-scooters-midi   main-selection-scooters-midi4   Mayfair free rider mobility scooter

Deluxe 6 – 8 mph Scooters

These scooters have maximum speeds up to 8 mph, making them a class 3 scooter in the DVLA categories. These scooters need to be registered with the DVLA and a logbook will be issued but tax discs are no longer required to be displayed. Registration is free of charge, we will issue you with a registration number and help with the paperwork involved. These scooters have maximum weight capacities of 25 – 40 stone depending on the model. Full suspension on the front and rear is normally standard fitment, offering a much more comfortable drive.  All of these models come with full lighting packages. Most scooters in this category have larger batteries and drive motors, enabling a much larger range and faster journeys. Some scooters have a longer frame which will suit taller clients, giving them more legroom.

big-scooters-main-pics6   maxi-new-small-button   big-scooters-main-pics5   big-scooters-main-pics3   Orion pro mobility scooter    Oroin metro mobility scooter    Comet ultra mobility scooter    Comet pro mobility scooter    big-scooters-main-pics7   big-scooters-main-pics8   excel-galaxy-ii-small-but    Roadster DX8 mobility scooter    KYMCOA Agility mobility scooter TGA Breeze Midi mobility scooter    

Deluxe All Weather  8 mph Scooters

All weather scooters come with a fibreglass roof or cabin to protect the rider from the elements provide a more comfortable ride what ever the weather is like outside. 

   Traverso shoprider mobility scooterThe cabin car    TGA Breeze Hard Top mobility scooter

Reconditioned Scooters / Powerchairs

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We have a selection of reconditioned scooters and powerchairs available within the shops so please give us a call or pop in and have a look. We also sell a selection online as well shop have a look at our eBay listing.


At 1st Step Mobility, we know what it’s like to use scooters and power chairs in all weather conditions, so we have selected a range of products which will help protect you and your scooter/powerchairs come rain for shine. From lightweight to heavy duty items we have finely picked the best products for you.

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Aftersales and Servicing

With over 50 years of experience of working on mobility scooters and stairlifts, we are confident that once you’ve bought a product or service from 1st Step Mobility, you will never need to look elsewhere again. We have a comprehensive back up service from our manufacturer-trained team of in-house and field service technicians.

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Why should I purchase my scooter from 1st Step Mobility?

  • 1st Step Mobility has been providing mobility products for a long time.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff
  • We stock a good range of scooters from the leading UK brands.
  • Full aftersales service
  • Fast and free delivery
  • No obligation home demonstration

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