Walking Frames – What’s What

Walking Frames

Walking frames are a great way of keeping your independence if you have become a little unsteady on your feet or if you have trouble in walking due to a breathing condition or such like.  There is a wide selection of walking frames on the market, each has its positive and different uses so you could get confused as to what would be best for you, but as always we suggest that you try any product before purchasing it to make sure to suits you needs.

‘Zimmer’ Frames
This is often the first point of call for most people and is idea for use within the home, as it often lightweight so the user can move it forward but can be upgraded by replacing the rubber ferrules at the front with glide wheels. Addition products can be added such as a bucking caddy so the user can then carry items about providing much needed independence within the home.  Not really designed to be used outside on general pavements but there are folding models available which helps with transportation or storage if space is at a premium. These are height adjustable but only in small section so make sure you get the right size before purchasing.

Tri Wheel Walker
The tri Wheel walkers are the perfect indoor / outdoor walker, with the ability to turn within a tight circle makes manoeuvring within the home easy and the larger wheel allows it to take on lumps and bumps of the pavements. Often a littler heavier then ‘Zimmers’ but they are not designed to be picked up all the time when travelling using them. This design allows a little bag to be suspended between the arms to help carry shopping and are often fitted with brakes which can be applied and locked on providing a stable platform to allow the user to lower themselves on a chair. The push handles are often height adjustable to suite the users need to help achieve the correct posture when walking.

4 Wheel Rollator
The 4 Wheel rollator provide great stability due to the large four wheel and is perfect on use on the pavements, this design along with a little storage area come with a seat to help provide somewhere to rest if walking is become a struggle and just like tri wheel models these are often fitted with lockable brakes. The larger frame does not fold up as small as the tri wheel walker but can still be placed on the back seat of a car and comes with a higher weight capacity of about 26 stone. Bariatric rollator are available with a capacity of 35 stone but be prepared to pay a little more.

Deluxe Rollator
If you don’t like the look of the 4 wheel rollators but still need something to help you then have a look at many of the deluxe rollators available, these are often designed to fold down to a very compact size for transportation or storage. The larger wheels are more than happy travelling about on the bumpy pavements and as standard have lockable brake. The seat is often not as comfortable as the standard rollators but the movability is much better due to the free moving castors.

All of 1stStep Mobility shops within Essex, Kent and London stock both rollators and walkers which are available for you to try and take away today, all at great prices. For more information you can contact us via email by info@1ststepmobiliy.comor give us a call on 10708 746644

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